What to Expect in the ER

Welcome to Mad River Community Hospital Emergency Department. We are a 24-hour Emergency Department Trauma Center dedicated to caring for you during times of emergency.

We know a visit to the emergency department isn't always expected, but we do our best to make your experience as comfortable as possible. In the Emergency Department, patients are seen in the order of medical severity. Here is what you can expect during your visit.

Step 1: Emergency
When you arrive, you will receive an initial assessment by a healthcare professional who is specially trained to identify life-threatening issues. After your assessment, you will be prioritized according to the medical severity of your situation.  

Step 2: Treatment
You will be taken to a treatment room. In the treatment room, you will be assessed, diagnosed and treated for your current medical condition.

Step 3: Testing
Some tests require may be required to diagnose or treat your illness. These may include x-rays, CT scan, MRI, EKG or lab work.  It may take time to get the results of the tests.

Step 4: Diagnosis & Treatment
After your care, it will be determined whether you can safely be discharged or need to be admitted to the hospital for further care and treatment. Your diagnosis and aftercare will be explained to you.

Why Am I Waiting?

  • Ambulance patients are arriving who need to be seen immediately.
  • Some medications need to be mixed and reviewed by a pharmacist.
  • The doctor or nurse it waiting for test results.
  • The doctor may be trying to reach your primary doctor or specialist.

Helpful Tips:

  • Tell the nurse about any and all medications, vitamins, herbal supplements or substances you use.
  • Check with the nurse before using the restroom to see if a specimen may be needed.