Our Birth Center

At the Mad River Birth Center, we believe that birth is a time for celebration. It is a beginning of a new family that will forever be united. The gentle, capable nurses at the Birth Center will delight in welcoming the newest member of your new family into the world. Our experienced staff is trained to care for both you and your baby. We can answer your questions about pregnancy and childbirth and offer tips for comfort and healing. More information and resources found here.

Choices in Childbirth 
We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, home-like environment with the equipment and facility of a modern hospital.  We have a number of conveniences to enhance your experience—birth balls, Peanut Balls, Kaya Birthing Stools, wireless Fetal Heart Rate monitors, cable television, and free wireless internet, to name a few. 
Our patients are provided with many options for labor—from hydrotherapy to IV pain medication to anesthesia services for epidural.  Two of our Labor & Delivery suites are equipped with large bathtubs to be used for comfort during your labor if you desire. We also have a Water Birth program—talk to your provider to find out more about which options are right for you.

Family Centered “Couplet Care”
Family Centered care at the Trillium Birth Center includes “rooming-in” or couplet care.  Your baby stays in the room with you, which facilitates family bonding, allowing parents and baby to get to know each other.

During the first hour after birth, known as the “Golden Hour,” keeping your baby skin to skin has numerous benefits for the newborn and the mother.  It helps with temperature and breathing regulation, hormone changes, and sets the stage for a healthy breastfeeding relationship. Our staff makes every attempt to preserve this sacred first hour while providing for the safety and well being of our patients. 
Lactation Support Services
Mad River Community Hospital employs the services of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants on a frequent basis.  An IBCLC will see you during your visit and can provide specialized lactation assistance, along with the continued support of the bedside nursing staff. For those needing a breast pump during their stay, we can provide a hospital grade Medela pump for your use.
Cesarean Birth Options
Mad River Birth Center has been recognized for maintaining a low primary Cesarean Section rate, but Cesarean Births are sometimes necessary for medical reasons.  Our hospital provides Cesarean Birth options on a planned or unplanned basis.  We make an effort to keep moms and babies together as much as possible.  Talk with your provider if you have specific preferences for your Cesarean Birth.

Quality Medical Care
Meet our wonderful providers— the doctors and midwives who assist families with pregnancy, labor, delivery and the postpartum period.

Our Trillium Birth Suites provide a comfortable and nurturing environment. We currently do not have in-person tours of our facilities. For more information please call (707) 826-8263. To see what the rooms in our birth center look like view our virtual tours here.

The patient is our first concern. Our quest is to become California’s leading and most innovative community health center.

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