Green and Sustainable

Mad River Community Hospital shares its community's values of sustainability and having a "Green" focus. The Hospital's Green Committee and Plant Operations staff have embarked on numerous projects to improve the hospital's ecology, footprint and to also help ensure a sustainable future. 

One project is an LED swap out to equip the hospital with energy efficient light bulbs from Campton Electric. More than 1,500 LED lights have been installed over the last couple of years throughout the hospital, its clinics and buildings. 

Another will be the investment in composting tub which will compost nearly 350 pounds of organic matter each week. It will produce a very high quality compost which will be used in various ways by Mad River Community Hospital's 2-acre, organic garden and hydroponic greenhouse.

A new way the hospital is reducing the amount of solid waste it sends to the landfill is through the use of new hand sanitizer foam dispensers, producing a significant reduction of sixty percent compared to the old version. In addition, the use of certified compostable coffee cups, utensils and takeout containers in the Cafe, a water bottle refill and filtration station and reusable hospital tote bags. 

The Hospital's Green Committee conducts trash audits to ensure the hospital is recycling everything that it can. In general, the healthcare industry produces a lot of waste and Mad River Community Hospital does everything that it can to dispose of items correctly to minimize the impact on the environment. In addition, the Hospital's courier drives an electric Prius and staff is encouraged to carpool or ride their bike to work as there are three bike racks on property. The staff also celebrates National Earth Day with education on recycling. 

If you would like to learn more, call Brenda at (707) 822-7220 x8352.

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