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Partners in Caring

Many community members are interested in supporting health care on the North Coast. Mad River Community Hospital, although itself not a nonprofit organization, is a viable option for your tax-deductible donation. The Partners in Caring campaign promotes several ways community members can support the hospital and its associated programs. There are two nonprofit organizations, as well as a fund at the Humboldt Area Foundation, through which your tax-deductible donation can support the mission of the hospital and its associated services. For more information about how you can become a Partner in Caring, contact us at (707) 826-8201

Mad River Community Hospital is committed to caring for all members of our community, regardless of their ability to pay for services provided. In an average year, the hospital provides over $1.3 million in non-reimbursed health services to more than 1,700 patients. In 2003, the hospital established its Partners in Caring Fund at the Humboldt Area Foundation. Through the Partners in Caring Fund, donors can build upon Mad River's generous gift to our community. Your contribution to the Partners in Caring fund supports services for patients in need. For example, this fund will help to provide oral surgeries for pediatric patients referred by local clinics, benefiting 30 children per year. Donations to this designated expendable fund are used directly for indigent patient care, not for administrative or overhead costs. The Partners in Caring fund makes a difference in our community by ensuring health care for those who cannot afford it — allowing donors to become true partners in caring for our friends and neighbors in need.

The Mad River Community Hospital Volunteers, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, distinct from the hospital, that enhances patient care, promotes education, and supports our community in countless ways.

In addition to contributing over 10,000 volunteer hours annually to Mad River Community Hospital, the Volunteers, Inc.:

  • Enhances patient comfort at the hospital
  • Provides an emergency financial resource fund for indigent patients in need
  • Gives stuffed animals and toys to children at the hospital
  • Purchases equipment such as wheelchairs for patient use in the hospital
  • Gives car seats to needy families with newborns when leaving the Birth Center
  • Promotes education for patients, staff and local students
  • Provides scholarships to local students pursuing health degrees and to hospital staff for continuing education

You can become a Friend of the Volunteers by making a tax-deductible donation to the MRCH Volunteers, Inc.
Visit the Volunteers' section to learn more. Or call and leave a message: (707) 822-7220 x 4133

Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) of Mad River is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing therapeutic, health, recreational and social services to the elderly and those aged 18 years and older who are dependent on others for care. Located next to Mad River Community Hospital, ADHC offers a broad range of services: nursing care, physical and speech therapies, a specialized Alzheimer’s/dementia program, family counseling, transportation, nutritious meals, and recreation.

ADHC works not only to provide services, but to bring joy to clients and their families. It is a place where families find respite and peace of mind. For several hours a day, a mother knows her disabled child is in safe, capable hands. A husband knows the special needs of his wife, an Alzheimer’s patient, are well taken care of. And each family knows their loved one is cared for by a group of people who are incredibly kind, dedicated and skilled.

For eligible participants, fees are covered by Medi-Cal; for those not eligible for Medi-Cal, a sliding scale fee is charged. Your tax-deductible contribution enables ADHC to serve families who are unable to pay fully. For more information, contact the Director of Adult Day Health Care at (707) 822-4866.

Mad River Community Hospital

Even though a contribution to the hospital is not tax-deductible, it makes a real difference in our community. Your contribution will directly benefit hospital patients, helping to purchase new medical equipment and enhance many aspects of patient care.

We will put your contribution toward the area of greatest need, or you can specify where you would like it to be used. In either case, 100% of your contribution to Mad River supports the advancement of patient care services. Unlike at some charities, where contributions support overhead, salaries or administrative costs, contributions to Mad River are always used directly to assist in patient care. Send to: Administration Department at 3800 Janes Road, Arcata, CA 95521.