Birth Center wins award 4th year in a row

Left to right: Amy Chamberlin, Shoshanna Raybin, and Chris Johannessen

ARCATA, 2017 — Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) was recently presented the “Quest for Zero” award by BETA Healthcare Group at the Annual Participants’ Meeting held in Huntington Beach, CA. The Birth Center received the award for completing an extensive competency program, called Gnosis, focused on reducing preventable birth injuries in obstetrics.
BETA Healthcare Group (BETA), is the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California. In 2008, BETA started a training program to improve perinatal safety and reduce obstetrical malpractice claims by providing their members with education on topics such as fetal assessment and monitoring, management of shoulder dystocia and vaginal delivery. To meet the strict requirements established by BETA, all members of a participating hospital’s perinatal team must complete rigorous “online learnings” and utilize common terminology. The annual training portion of the program is part of BETA’s Quest for Zero preventable errors initiative. Hospitals that complete the program receive a credit that lowers professional liability coverage costs with the completion of different requirements. For their combined achievement and leadership in OB patient safety, perinatal teams are awarded a trophy for display in their department.
The Birth Center has been working with BETA Healthcare Group since 2014, continually building upon what was learned in the previous years. The program has provided the Birth Center with a standardized format for training current employees and new hires, and improved the overall safety for patients ensuring that the OB Department staff are well equipped with the tools and knowledge to perform and excel at their jobs.
For this year’s training, thirty-one doctors, midwives, and nurses completed an online learning program focused on fetal heart-rate monitoring. The MRCH participants scored well in the top 25% compared to peers nationwide.
“The program has helped us to maintain and improve our knowledge and skills in obstetrics in order to provide the safest and best care to the mothers, babies, and families we serve,” states Shoshanna Raybin, Birth Center Manager. Raybin also conducts regular drills and simulations in her department in order to continually improve safety.
This is the Birth Center’s fourth award.

Event Date: 

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 4:15pm