Giving Birth in the Birth Center

Any Pregnant in labor Woman can come to our Birth Center to deliver, you will be seen by the provider that is on call at that time for your delivery. 

Lactation consults are available 28 days a month by 2 Board Certified Lactation  Consultants who round on patients daily. Lactation Resources can be found here.

For information on the Trillium Birth Center visiting guidelines click here.

Terms to Know

Hydrotherapy is immersion in warm water during labor. It can be used during any part of labor, including early labor and active labor, as well as the late (“pushing”) phase. Hydrotherapy is offered as a comfort measure, providing relaxation and pain relief. Hydrotherapy is different from a water birth. During a water birth, the baby is delivered underwater in a special water birth tub. Hydrotherapy, on the other hand, is used during labor – but not during delivery. 

The peanut ball is shaped like a peanut and fits snugly between the woman’s legs so that both legs are maintained as opening the pelvic outlet to increase the progress of labour and facilitate descent of the fetal head. Using position changes during labour to enhance widening of the pelvic outlet can be beneficial but a woman who has an epidural is limited in the number of positions she can adopt.

Comprehensive central network monitoring system for obstetrical care. Allows providers and nurses to monitor all laboring patients fetal care in one location. 

Community Resources and Providers

We currently do not offer classes at the Birth Center for Pregnant Woman. There are great resources available in our community linked below. 

Open Door Community Health Centers of 6-week Childbirth Education Classes.

You are able to have a specific provider deliver your baby if your provider is from  United Indian Health Services, NorthCountry Prenatal Services, NorthCountry Clinic, or Open Door Gynecology Services. 

View our Birth Center Virtually

When you first arrive at the Birth Center or if you require a hospital exam this room is where you will be seen first. 

When laboring for delivery this is one of the birthing rooms that will be available for you, this room does not have a tub but has a full shower. 

The is another room that is available for laboring and delivery that provides an in room tub for Hydrotherapy during labor. 

After your delivery we have multiple Post Partum Rooms available to you and your partner to recover in with baby for “couplet care”. 

The patient is our first concern. Our quest is to become California’s leading and most innovative community health center.

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