Mad River Hospital gives back to employees

(From the Times-Standard, 8/22/2015)

Mad River Community Hospital handed out bonuses to employees over the last few days to thank them for their many accomplishments, according to a hospital announcement.

“Every year, we try to recognize all of our treasured employees during National Hospital Week, Employee Recognition Festivities and today with a special gift,” CEO Doug Shaw said in a letter to hospital staff Friday.

“Every day, I am grateful for the wonderful work each one of you does on behalf of Mad River Community Hospital and our community,” the letter continues. “You are the lens that focuses the vision that my father Allen Shaw had when he established our hospital over 40 years ago. Working together, we continue to provide the critical services needed to keep our community healthy in a working environment that promotes friendly and caring relationships among employees, medical staff, patients and our volunteers.”

Shaw wrote that, “In the face of ever-increasing demands placed on us by government regulations and laws, we continue to provide excellent quality and care to our neighbors and friends on the North Coast.”

Shaw laid out some of the accomplishments in the letter: inpatient discharges are the highest since 2009, length of stay is the lowest since 2009, surgical infection rates are less than half the national average, primary C-section rate is 10.6 percent compared to the national rate of 23 percent, 80 percent of produce in the cafeteria is grown in the hospital gardens, numerous advancements in ecologically-friendly practices, and monies raised for those in need.

“Although impressive, these may seem just numbers on a page. What is more important is how we treat each other and there is no finer test than in times of need,” he wrote. “I am especially proud of how many of our employees generously contribute to the Voluntary Time Bank use for those employees who need our support. As one new staff member put it, ‘The kindness of everyone at MRCH has astounded me.’ My Dad would say – that’s how it should be.”

Mad River Community Hospital physical therapist Lucas Vallee picks up his bonus check from Alisha Noe