The healing powers of oxygen therapy

by Jenny Nielsen/MRCH 
August 2019

ARCATA -- Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) recently hired Taurus as the new Hyperbaric Tech from Southern California. He has an interesting backstory. After graduating from Dive School in San Diego, he began working on an oil rig as a dive medic on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana where he managed chamber operations for decompression.
After a near death experience on one of the rigs, it was time for him to switch careers. He packed up, moved to Victorville, CA, and started working as a Hyperbaric Tech in Newport Beach. He recently moved to Arcata to join the MRCH team and has been enjoying the quality of life this area provides, not to mention the new commute he traded in for his five hour daily commute in SoCal!

He is working with two top-of-the-line Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers that treat certain kinds of hard-to-heal wounds, such as diabetic ulceration of the legs, gangrene, brain abscesses, carbon monoxide poisoning and even brown recluse spider bites.

MRCH is one of only a handful of hospitals in Northern California to offer patients the use of the hyperbaric chambers. Its first machine was purchased in 2004 and then two new machines were purchased in 2010. The hospital was ahead of its time by investing in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) so early and truly believes in its healing powers.

Taurus has personally seen a patient whose liposuction caused such severe infection to her arm that it needed amputation. Within 15 days of two two-hour treatments daily, you would never know she had an infection, let alone was days away from amputation. He’s seen people from all walks of life – everyone from diabetes patients to professional athletes looking to recover quickly from a match. He’s currently treating local diabetics – one who just felt tingling in their toes after years of zero feeling.

HBOT has been used for some time with success in the treatment of decompression sickness from deep sea scuba diving. In fact, hyperbaric chamber treatment sessions are actually called “dives.” More recently, HBOT therapy has been explored as a primary therapy for a number of injuries and medical conditions, including concussions, stroke, AIDS/HIV, arthritis, depression, autism and even Parkinson’s. It’s the most minimally invasive treatment one can try for these deliberating diseases.
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