About Us

Mad River Community Hospital is a locally owned and independent hospital committed to providing the best care to its patients by providing advanced technology and a deep commitment to the community and its residents.

Mad River Community Hospital provides a complete range of acute care inpatient services, including OB, emergency medicine, physical therapy, ICU, med/surg, and radiological services. The 5-bed Emergency Room department is staffed 24 hours a day. The radiology department is equipped with fixed MRI, CT scan, and x-ray.

The facility is also associated with an adult day health care, home health care department outpatient rehabilitation clinics, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen program. Enjoy browsing through our web site to find more detailed information about our facility.


Our Mission: 
The patient is our first concern. We will do everything in our power to exceed the expectations of our patients and our community through quality care services, attention to detail, honest communication, and positive attitude. All physical facilities, skills of personnel, and management are geared at all times to the needs of the patient. The hospital has an obligation to provide those it serves with the best possible care through the best possible resources.

Our Vision: 
We are Mad River Community Hospital. Our quest is to become California’s leading and most innovative community health center. We commit to providing excellent care to our patients. We pledge to always respect and care for those who choose us for wellness, healthcare, or employment, or as a place to practice the art and science of medicine

Our History

More than fifty years ago, a commitment was made by the local community and concerned medical professionals to keep a medical facility open in the small town of Arcata, California. Because of the dedication of public-minded citizens of the North Coast, an Arcata-based hospital was able to continue serving the local community. The following relates this history of Mad River Community Hospital.

The patient is our first concern. Our quest is to become California’s leading and most innovative community health center.


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