24 Hour Emergency Services

Emergency Services at Mad River Community Hospital are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Our ER is certified for pediatrics by North Coast Emergency Medical Services, so we’re available to treat your whole family in case of an emergency.

Our Emergency Department is a Level IV Trauma Center. It is fully equipped to handle the most urgent and serious traumatic injuries. Our team evaluates, treats, and provides follow-up care to people who are critically injured in accidents, those who need immediate critical care, and patients with life-threatening conditions. The Emergency Department is expertly staffed by qualified trauma surgeons. Our highly experienced trauma team works closely with regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers and medical evacuation helicopters.

MRCH has an on-site landing pad that enables air rescue and critical-care transport to specialty care hospitals.
Call the ER for more info., (707) 822-7220 x3131. Click here for a campus map.