The Birth Center - Trillium Suites

The Birth Center offers three all-in-one labor, delivery and recovery suites ("The Trillium Suites")—or traditional semi-private rooms, if you prefer. Our comfortable environment offers you a wide selection of options for your labor and delivery.

Would you like to soak in a Jacuzzi or shower during labor? Do you prefer to walk or sit in our Healing Garden? Listen to music or watch a movie? Are you hoping for a natural childbirth, or do you prefer to manage the pain of labor with the latest, safest medications available?

From your most basic comforts to high-level services, the Mad River Birth Center will work to accommodate all of your needs and desires.

Why the Trillium?

The trillium, referred to by Native Americans as the "birth root," is our symbol. It symbolizes gladness and fresh hope, and was traditionally used medicinally to aid labor.

The triad of the trillium represents family. To your growing family, we promise support and guidance.

As with all flowers, the bloom of the trillium is fragile. Trust is fragile, and we know that your trust is not given lightly. You are inviting us into the most intimate and exciting aspect of your life. We will assist you gently, with respect and grace, always with your family's best interests in mind.

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