Mad River Hospital Farm

Mad River Community Hospital
Is Out To Change The Way You Think
About Hospital Food!


Mad River Community Hospital is one of the first and one of the few hospitals that serves fresh produce from an on-site vegetable garden to patients and in the hospital “Garden Café”. The crops grown are extremely varied and fill six sections of land and two greenhouses. Some of the crops include tomatoes, carrots, beets, basil, potatoes, artichokes, sweet corn, squash and pumpkins as well as several varieties of lettuce.


Having access to fresh, local food fits Mad River Community Hospital's goal of keeping people healthy.  Vegetables fresh out of the garden contain higher concentrations of nutrients and the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.  There's an amazing sense of accomplishment felt when serving fresh, homegrown vegetables to patients and staff.  An in-house work share program offers hospital staff the opportunity to volunteer their time working in the garden and receive a share of produce for their efforts. Many are just happy to be a part of helping make the hospital’s organic garden beautiful and productive.
Would you like to volunteer in the garden? We welcome new volunteers to help harvest, weed, seed and much more! Our application is available here



Our full-time farmer, Graham, is one of the few hospital-employeed farmers in the United States