Mad River Community Hospital Recruitment Agreement

This contingency recruitment agreement, dated the ______day of ___________, 20____, is between ____________________________ (herein after called Company) and Mad River Community Hospital (herein after called Client) agrees upon recruiting services under the following terms and conditions:

1.FEE: The placement fee for a Physician identified and presented by the Company who subsequently becomes placed with the Client, shall be $15,000. This fee is earned and payable as follows: one-half upon the signed agreement of referred physician by the Company, completion of hospital privileging, and has obtained new Medi-cal/Medicare billing numbers. The second-half is due on the day the physician commences his/her practice including active staff privileges. If the physician’s employment is terminated during the first ninety days the Company agrees to refund 100% of the placement fee. Company and Client agree that disputes which arise shall be governed according to California State Law and resolved through the American Arbitration Association in Humboldt County, California.

2. COMMUNICATION: Company will utilize Client’s website, in order to match Client’s openings to the Company’s qualified candidates. All following communication will take place through email. Company will clear any physician’s name via email prior to presentation of C.V. Client will be responsible for scheduling and the visitation fees. Client’s procedure is to have candidate schedule and pay for his/her flight and rental car. Client will reimburse candidate when they visit.

3.SUBSEQUENT PAYMENT: Client agrees that if it should become associated with any Physician introduced to Client by Company within 12 months after the first presentation of the Physician, Company will have performed its obligation and the full fee shall be due and payable.

Client Name:______________________________ Mad River Community Hospital

Address:_________________________________ P.O. Box 1115

Address:_________________________________Arcata, CA 95518


Signature_________________________________ Signature_________________________
Date ____________________________________ Date_____________________________