Mad River Community Hospital provides free or low-cost education for patients, as well as continuing medical education and staff development classes for our staff and others in health-related professions. We offer classes and lectures at the hospital and can also provide speakers for community events through our Speakers Bureau. We offer education in the following areas:

Patient Education
Student Nurse Documents
Physician & Staff Speakers Bureau
Class Fees
Materials for Nursing Students
AHA/NRP 2019 Calendar
MedCom Link

Glucometry Presentation
Glucometry Quiz

Pediatrics Presentation​
Pediatrics Course Evaluation
Pediatrics Quiz

Safety Fair Presentation 2018- Power Point
Safety Fair Presentation 2018- PDF
Safety Fair Quiz 2018

Hip Surgery & Mobilty OL

External Fixation OL
Cast, Care and Compartment Syndrome

Orthopedic Course Description
Orthopedic RN Quiz
Orthopedic NA Tech Quiz

Online Class Evaluation Form

Resources (Printing instructions for ‘Resources’:  Click on ‘print’ and where it says ‘print on both sides’ make sure it says ‘flip pages on SHORT edge’)