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About Hospital Food!

We are now serving in our cafe and to our patients fresh produce from our on-campus vegetable garden. The crops grown are extremely varied and fill the six sections of land and two greenhouses. Some of the crops include carrots, beets, tomatoes, basil, potatoes, artichokes, sweet corn, squash, pumpkins and lettuce among many others.

Having access to fresh, local food fits the hospital’s overall goal of keeping people healthy. To Todd Heustis, manager of the Food and Nutrition department, this is a dream come true.

Isaiah Webb, the hospital’s full time farmer, came on board last October and has expanded our organic garden to include fruits such as blueberries, apples and strawberries. Isaiah is very connected to the farming community and has had their support and assistance along with the people at the adjacent Potawot Food Garden.

An in-house work share program offers hospital employees to volunteer their time working in the garden and receive a share of produce for their efforts. Many are just happy to be a part of helping make the hospital’s organic garden beautiful and productive.

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