CommunityLife Wellness Campus

Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) and Mad River Properties (MRP) are pleased to share our vision for the CommunityLife Wellness Campus, a major initiative to provide expanded medical, social, and educational services on land adjacent to the existing Mad River Hospital. We are still in the early planning stages, but we can already see exciting opportunities to bring new benefits to our neighborhood while continuing our long history of support for the heath and wellness of the people of Arcata and the North Coast.

Please feel free to read over the project background, Questions and Answers, view our site plan and review a brief slide show which was presented to the Arcata Planning Commission Earlier this year. As you do, please understand that there is a great deal of work yet to do as we refine the proposal and work with City Staff and elected representatives to identify and address any concerns which may arise. We invite you to join in this process, make suggestions, raise any questions you have, and work with us to make the CommunityLife Wellness Campus a success and a long term benefit for our shared neighborhood

  • Site Plan

    Slide Show

    Questions and Answers

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    For this initial outreach, we have asked our consultants at LACO Associates to gather your comments and to organize a mailing list for those of you who are interested in receiving periodic updates. If you have any questions or would like to be included in future mailings, please email to or call Randy Rouda, Senior Planner, at (707) 443-5054. Thank you very much for joining with the Mad River Community Hospital and Mad River Properties as we take this important step for our neighborhood and community.




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